CAD Exchanger is now on Android

CAD Exchanger is now available in Google Play. Free, with in-app purchase (larger file size support, export to B-Rep formats, and more features in the future). OCC 6.9.0+ and Qt (QML) 5.5.0 based.

I would like to thank again the OCC development team (Andrey B, Kirill G, Sergey A, Ivan and others) and management (Alexander T and Michael K) for their support in porting the OCC platform as a prerequisite. See more details in the official press-release.

We met for the first time in August 2014 and the folks did their major part in a couple of months or so. Sometimes it was a bumpy road with some hot discussions but all is well that ends well. On our side we were doing a parallel port of a major version 3.0 to a totally new data model and UI, as a prerequisite to Android port. With parallel jumps between Windows, Linux and Android, with their different IDE's and toolchains - all pleasures of cross-platform development. That took us way too much time and we missed the schedule a few times. I regret we did this 6+ months later than originally planned but still would like to thank my team - Sergey, Denis and others for their extra efforts. There were multiple fruitful forum topics, bug reports and fixes - some are herehere or in Mantis, so good working relationship between the teams has been strengthened.

Among technical highlights there are probably a few interesting items - for instance an asynchronous, non-blocking visualization workflow (see discussion preview here). When we have some free cycles, we will try to share more technical details.

Meanwhile, if you have some spare time, please give a try to a brand new CAD Exchanger version and share your thoughts via Google Play, here or just email us at info@cadexhanger.com. We'd *really* be happy to hear from the community. Constructive critic, recommendations or positive comments are all valuable.

And please do keep CAD Exchanger on your device, you now know some people behind it ;-).

Thanks for your time and take care,