Open CASCADE inside Intel, or ... Intel inside

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Just finished the meeting with my Intel colleagues where we decided that Open CASCADE would be integrated into an internal application database for testing our software products. I am a program manager in the team that is developing new products – Intel Parallel Amplifier and Parallel Inspector, which will be part of the Intel Parallel Studio ( They are approaching public Beta program (feel free to sign up by the way!) and are currently in hands of our few Beta customers. Guess who is among those few ?

Why did we chose Open CASCADE software for app testing? Because it helps make Intel products better ! It already allowed us to find several bugs before we released first Beta, and we are still discovering more with it. Despite that it’s single-threaded today there are steps to multi-threading. I am also going to use the multi-threading framework prototype for testing it in parallel mode (mentioned on the forum in October).

I really enjoy situations like this – when you can combine interests of several parties. It’s good for Intel, it’s good for Open CASCADE, it’s good for me ;-). I love to be a ‘deal maker’, and you ?

Disclaimer: Whenever I talk about Intel, this represents my sole personal opinion, it does not reflect any official position of the company. That’s a policy. I had to say it. I did.

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  1. I hope something really good comes out of those tests for OCC, Intel and us (the users). Just don't forget to keeps us informed :)