CAD Exchanger Beta is available!

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This has been a long awaited moment - my personal project CAD Exchanger is up to being made publicly available! The first Beta is out and the official announcement is below. If anyone has to deal with CAD data translation you might want to use it as a preview or as an additional tool. Please submit your comments, bug reports, suggestions, recommendations, and what not at the user's forum (link below). Thanks!

April 6, 2009.

The CAD Exchanger product team is pleased to announce availability of the first Beta release of a new product to speed up translation of 3D models across multiple CAD file formats.

CAD Exchanger enables importing, viewing, and exporting models from and to IGES, STEP, STL and Open CASCADE BRep formats (more are coming). We hope you will enjoy streamlined interface and ease-of-use of the product.

We are looking forward to users’ feedback that will help us prioritize development activities. Please share your experience at users’ forum at

Download a fully free Beta version from and start using it today !

The CAD Exchanger Team

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  1. Nice, I'll try it!

  2. I guess I'm sort of disappointed that it's a closed source app - are there any parts that could be open sourced?


  3. Hi Peter,
    CAD Exchanger is internally based on QOLib which I think can be disclosed some day. But it's a bit too premature as it may be viewed quite app-tailored (even if a fully dependent on OCC and Qt only).

  4. I'd be happy to help - you could contact me privately though linkedin. I still believe there's a opportunity for creating a single optimal, reusable core Qt user interface (even if I don't get as much to "play" these days as I used to).


  5. Hi Roman,

    I gave CAD Exchanger a short write up here as part of my series on free STEP file viewers.

    I hope you continue to make good progress -- users could certainly use better CAD file exchange options!


  6. Hi Tony,

    Thank you so much for giving CAD Exchange a try and posting your comments on your blog. I *really* appreciate that !

    I've posted a cross-reference to your web-site on the CAD Exchanger forum.