Seminar on parallel development and Open CASCADE

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Today I would like to come with a question to you.

As you probably noticed, in several last posts, I was uncovering multi-threading programming issues. This subject has really caught me and applying it in Open CASCADE-based software reveals huge potential. Talking to my readers, on this blog and outside, I conclude that the issue of parallel programming and performance (regardless of Open CASCADE) is important for many developers and their employers. So, I thought to come out to you with the following idea.

What would be your thoughts on organizing some sort of technical seminar/training on parallel development ? This could be combined with training/consulting on Open CASCADE if there is a need. Regarding the former part (multi-threading) I would work with my colleagues at Intel to get support. Intel is very serious and working hard to promote this knowledge among mainstream software developers, and likely this idea will be supported if there is sufficient audience. Regarding the latter (Open CASCADE) I could check with Open CASCADE team if this will be of interest of them.

The challenge is how to find a place in the world for us to meet. Obviously, it will depend on locations of those who will respond.

So could you please think of this idea and let me know if you might be interested in such an arrangement. Certainly there will be some expenses involved (traveling and lodging) but all together we'll try to figure out how to minimize them.

Sounds too crazy? Post your comments with any ideas here or just send me an email at

Thanks a lot in advance ! Let's make it happen !!!

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  1. Hi folks,
    I received a few supportive comments. Thanks a lot to those who responded ! The majority comes from Germany so far, and this would define a possible place for a meeting. Perhaps some other people from Europe (or even not only) wouldn't mind travelling to there ?

    However there is no critical mass there yet. This is possibly due to vacation period that still lasts. So, if you have come accross this message and would be interested to participate please do reply to this post, either direcly here or using my email. If I don't (did not) reply to your email within 1-2 days then it means I did not get it. Please post a comment here then.

    Thanks !

  2. Continuing to think on this further...

    If the intersection of those who would be interested in both parallel development and OCC is not that big today, can we try to reach those who would be interested in the former (parallel development) ? For instance, if we target Germany, what are popular German software developer resources (forums) ?

    German folks (even if you are not going to attend this seminar): could you provide a few links to your local sites ? Just post here and I will follow up.

    Thanks a lot in advance !

  3. Hi Roman,

    First of all, I would like to thank you the effort in supporting us with OCC.

    I'm from Spain and I would be interested in assist to the seminar (of course depending on how it is scheduled). For me Germany it is OK.

    Unfortunately I do not have a big knowledge of OCC nor it is related with my main work but I agree with you that parallel computing it is the next challenge and I see the seminar as an introduction to this new world.

    So you can add me to the list.



  4. Hey Carlos !
    Thanks a lot for your support. Added you ;-).

  5. Hi Roman,

    first of all, I want to thank you for all the work and time you are spending in helping people who are lost in OpenCascade!

    I'm from Germany, Munich. I'm very interested on both parallel development and OCC. So if something happens in this area, please let me know...

    Another thing: Perhaps it is possible to do something online so everyone in the world can participate. I would prefer spending money on this as on plane tickets.


  6. Hi Simon,

    Thanks for a valuable feedback. I checked with my colleagues here what could be the option to address such a feedback for online resources, and fortunately there is a way !
    Intel starts a new fall series of webinars on parallel programming (and use of Parallel Studio in particular). These are free and started October 13. Moreover there are replays of those from last spring.
    Hope this will be helpful. + link to Webinars on the right, or direct link