Invitational Beta for ACIS-SAT support just started

by - 23:45

ACIS-SAT format support now available in CAD Exchanger and for any other Open CASCADE-based application

CAD Exchanger has been extended with support of ACIS-SAT import and export. After several months of hard work and thorough testing this new format is now available to our users.
CAD Exchanger supports ACIS from version R1.5 to the latest R20 released in 2009. The scope includes a full set of geometrical and topological objects.

For developers on Open CASCADE, the ACIS-SAT plugin can be delivered as SDK that can be directly integrated with Open CASCADE-based application using either TopoDS_Shape interface or a BRep file.

We have conducted thorough testing through the database of 1000+ models before this announcement, so you should not be annoyed by any severe bug. But there can be some corner cases which could potentially reveal some issues. So please let us know if you find anything. But if you just like the product and it works fine in our case please tell us this as well. We need your feedback !

To get immediate download access please email us at

Public Beta will be made available early next year after addressing feedback from our most active users. Sign up now to get your voice heard !

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