CAD Exchanger Public Beta Update 2 is available

by - 10:11

After individual Invitational Beta for ACIS-SAT support, public Beta Update2 is finally released.

Highlighted features: ACIS-SAT import and export (geometry and colors), Command Line mode and CAD Exchanger SDK. List of all changes is here. Go to download page to get the release.

As usual, feedback is very much appreciated and welcomed. Here in the blog, or on the forum, or directly at

Thanks !

screenshot of the model imported from ACIS-SAT

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  1. Nice work, Roman.
    I assume you can save the imported model (assembly) as a native OCC (.brep) file.

  2. Certainly, Ugo. The list of supported export formats include BRep, IGES, STEP, ACIS-SAT, STL and VRML. More are in progress (X3D, Parasolid-XT).

  3. For everyone's info just in case:
    Open CASCADE group members at LinkedIn received a special offering for CAD Exchanger SDK. Please feel free to join the group if you want to take advantage of it as well.