CAD Exchanger 2.0.1 is now available!

by - 08:28

Version 2.0.1 is a maintenance release featuring improvements and bug fixes over v2.0. Consult the CHANGES file for details and visit the download page to get the release. For SDK evaluation please contact us at

Feel free to share your feedback on the forum or email directly.

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  1. Hello, Roman.
    Please tell me, how you make "black edges" on displayed objects in 3D view?

  2. Hi Denis,

    This is basically a combination of shading and wireframe presentations. In your redefined Compute() method of AIS_InteractiveObject you just need to implement that.

  3. Thanks! At last I have tried to realize it. And it works!
    May be I'm do it wrong, but it works good :)
    I just took all files of "AIS_Shape" class from OCC, has renamed them on "AIS_CoolShape" and has combined display modes (AIS_WireFrame=0, AIS_Shaded=1) in Compute method.